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Sommerswing in the "Volkspark"

Juli und August – every Wednesday, from 7 pm – 10 pm (03.07 - 21.08.2024)

Dear music lovers,

the work involved in our wonderful series of events is getting bigger and bigger and the financial requirements are growing with it.
After we have laboriously worked through our restrictions due to Corona and with losses, I would like to readjust the event with my team. readjust the event.
Since we also have to pay chair rental, seat rental and much more, I ask from now on every guest to pay an entrance fee of 3 € per person and event. Only then you are allowed to enter the event area.
To make admission quick and easy, you can purchase a season ticket for all 8 events via Internet, to purchase a season ticket for all 8 events or to purchase a fifty-fifty ticket for 4 events. The season tickets can also be purchased at the box office.
We know how important it is to enjoy life in a good community. enjoy. Guests, musicians and organizers enjoy the time at the Sommerswing in Volkspark together and are grateful. Also for the beautiful park in Kaiserslautern and the opportunity to be together there. to be together. But without our sponsors, all this would be unthinkable, so a special special greeting goes to them. Thank goodness for the many good spirits, employees, helpers and my family who help make the Sommerswing possible. the Sommerswing.

We love you all and say thank you.

Yours Franz Wosnitza and team

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To order a season ticket for ALL events, please click once on the button for an event and then select Season ticket. This only needs to be purchased for one event.

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Handmade, high-quality, exciting music from one of the world's largest musical families - jazz. Intergenerational, captivatingly emotional. On the basis of blues and jazz, the world's first pop music, incredibly great new family members have been born: Dixieland, Swing, Boogie Woogie, Rock`n Roll, Soul, Funk and Latin, and much more. We don't want to pigeonhole summer jazz, no - it is and remains a special offer for friends of good music and they don't need a grid. It is not important to set up large amplification systems, no - we musicians primarily deliver our skills and the technology may accompany us a little. Spoiled by delicious small dishes, a fine Pilsner or good Palatinate wines, you can enjoy the evening, life, music and friends at the table or on a picnic blanket in the meadow. This is the way of life

Time window:

July and August - always on Wednesday, from 7 - 10 pm As our music friends like to have a little lead time, many will be there early. Admission and start of catering at 17:00. Karl Pletsch from Rolling Snack and his TEAM will spoil us with barbecue specialties, Paulaner beer and wine from the Deidesheim Winegrowers' Association.

Target group:

The target group for our music is between 40 and 80 years old and mostly well-off. They love the constant, unagitated and yet stimulating offer and particularly appreciate the regularity. Music lovers don't have to keep themselves constantly informed and can simply go, or not. This ensures relaxation. No information overload, no sensory overload.


We can't plan the weather and we can't change anything, so we take ANY weather and dress accordingly. Otherwise, if the weather conditions are borderline, nobody will know whether to come or not. So always on Wednesday, whatever the weather!


The costs for attending the event are 3 Euro. The summer jazz collection will be held to further finance the bands. These donations go entirely to the music program and help to cover expenses and travel costs. Without our sponsors, however, the event series would not be possible - THANK YOU !!!

Schedule and Bands

  • Still Great - Olli Abt & Djulia und Band

    03. Juli

    More information at
    A double bass, drums and acoustic guitar played by great artists. In addition, the unique voice of Djulia, playing world-famous classics of jazz and pop in the legendary hot swing style. This band is simply great!

  • No Matter What

    10. Juli

    The Portuguese "MAS QUE NADA" is exactly the music style to which the band feels connected. With their vocal interpretations, the two singers Myriam Keller and Elisa Rehlinger exactly match this Latin style. Martin Preiser, Stefan Engelmann and Kurt Landry accompany these two extraordinary voices as instrumentalists with their very own sound and groove.

  • Accoustic Blues Community

    17. Juli

    Jürgen 'Mojo'Schultz - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, Petra Schultz-Arnold - vocals, double bass, Albert Koch - vocals, harmonica. Blues classics by Jimmy Reed, Muddy Waters, Leadbelly and others can be found in the program of the "unplugged" protagonists, as well as songs from the 60s and 70s or current titles. For the most part, the trio develops its own, varied arrangements.

  • MarTINA Extra 3

    24. Juli

    MARTIN & TINA (Tina Skolik & Martin Müller) are the namesakes and form the basis of MarTINA Extra 3 with vocals and bass. Both are also known for their bands "acoustic color" & "FROM DA SOUL", with which they have been playing concerts far beyond the country's borders for many years. The duo is complemented by EXTRA on guitar and percussion.

  • Rock´n Roll Flamingos" – Pink JUBI Party

    31. Juli

    A classic rockabilly and rock'n roll band celebrates its 25th birthday. The line-up, professional musicians: piano, guitar, bass and drums. Huge power and special voices celebrate the music and the musicians. A captivating stage show makes this evening the highlight of Sommswing 2024

  • Peter Glessing Dixie and Swing Band

    07. August

    Peter Glessing's music is inspired by jazz greats such as Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Lionel Hampton, Roy Eldridge, Stuff Smith, Illinois Jacquet and Benny Waters. With natural show talent, enormous power and a lot of physical effort, he loves to present his playing to enthusiastic audiences with unbridled enthusiasm and joie de vivre - almost as if time had stood still in the swing era. His band consists of top-class musicians from the scene.

  • Rosevalley Sisters and Band

    14. August

    Charming! Authentic! Coquettish! The Rosevalley Sisters inspire with their sophisticated three-part harmony singing and transport their audience both acoustically and visually back to the swing era of the 30s and 40s. The Sisters are accompanied by an outstanding live band. With piano, saxophone or clarinet, double bass and drums, the "gentlemen of creation" provide the necessary swing on stage and, with their sophisticated arrangements, form a perfectly coordinated unit with the singers.

  • Locomotive Brass

    21. August

    This is a 13-piece rhythm'n blues formation that always "sweeps" across the stages at full steam. The band's wide-ranging repertoire includes well-known classics by the Blues Brothers, songs by Joe Cocker, the Spencer Davis Group and Blood, Sweat & Tears, as well as modern arrangements by Chicago and Tower of Power. Two vocally powerful singers, a five-piece brass section and rhythm section.


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